That beautiful

Sir, I don't think it was the alcohol. You see, sir, I didn't think I would bat an eyelid when I was to see her tonight. Yes, I know she's beautiful. But, no, I didn't think I'd feel any more than I already should.

Sir, you should have seen her tonight! She was a sight to behold! The way she moved, the way she spoke! The way she looked as if she was troubled. Troubled enough for me to want to ask her if she was alright, if she was tired, and almost if I could help.

But sir, you know how it is with women as beautiful and fragile as she. She'd have men by the dozen asking her the same things, worshipping her the same way, looking at her the way I do. Sir, you know I don't want to be like any of the others.

Oh, sir, you should've seen what she wore tonight, and how it made her more beautiful than I've seen. If you were to have seen her, sir, nothing else would matter in this world.

I know, sir. I know you'll tell me what I'm doing is wrong. You'll tell me, sir, that my actions will make everything go awry.

But why, sir, do you let me catch even the slightest glimpse of her, when you know I will desire her when I am not supposed to? What are you trying to tell me, sir?

Sir, you should have seen her tonight. She was beauty personified. She didn't walk, she glided.

And sir, she spoke to me, sir. Did you have that planned as well, sir? And sir, while she spoke, I have to tell you, sir, that I touched her. Was I supposed to have done that, sir?

But sir, now that you've let me see her in this light, now that you've let her speak to me, now that you've let me touch her, I beg you humbly please, to let me see her again, and again.

Till my heart's content, sir, whenever that will be.

The ghost of you clings

How many years has it been since? How many more to go? I think I thought fondly of you the other night, I'm not sure now. But I remember for a few moments, I missed you dearly. Then I did what I thought was the best thing to do for now. I placed my heart under my pillow. So that it muffled the sound, sight and smell of the comfort you once furnished.

Frangipani shelter
Frangipani canopy, Yio Chu Kang, Singapore

Obbligato bella

I first met her five weeks ago, made a nondescript impression, and left it at that. We met again several days later, I added to that nondescript impression, and left it at that. It was the same with several more meetings.

Then she talked about me filling up the empty spaces in her life. I realised she was revealing the same in mine.

I don't remember knowing such longing.

Suddenly her kisses are the sweetest wine, her absence the darkest void.

Till the heart caves in

How much is not enough? How much is through? How long will I be getting over you? How much grief and sin?
You tell yourself this is nothing out of the ordinary because there is a song lyric for every lingering glance, every fleeting touch, every stolen kiss, every heartbeat skipped, every promise made, every tear dropped.

She's beautiful, she's like no-one you've ever met, she's like watching sunsets, there's something in the way she moves that attracts you like no other lover.

But you have been this way before, and you know what will happen next because the song lyrics tell you so.

And the song lyrics also tell you there's nothing you can do but be this way till your heart caves in.