One Ferrero Rocher with a small purple ribbon

On Valentine's Day you brought a Ferrero Rocher tied with a small purple ribbon and placed it on my desk in class. You gave several to your girlfriends too. How was I to know it was supposed to mean something to me?

I said I had a sore throat and therefore had to avoid chocolates. I will remember your crestfallen look forever.

We still went out that afternoon, taking the new MRT to town, going up and down escalators in shopping centres, looking at things till it was way past time to go home. And when we finally started to make our way home, you left your hand close enough to mine for me to hold.

I got home, put my things away, and because I had a sore throat, I took the Ferrero Rocher with the small purple ribbon and put it on my desk, and kicked myself for not opening it in class and eating it on the spot.

I could've held your hand! I could've kissed you!

Damn that sore throat! I could've fallen in love with you that day.

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Blogger mr.udders said...

awww... dammit! i know, man. when you lose that moment then, you lose it forever.

Sunday, September 18, 2005  

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