We Once Were You And Me

It's not that I am not over you. I have been healthily over you for some years now. But you're getting married. I wish you well and all that. Your well-being is no longer in my realm.

I once loved you. That love lasted forever.

Forever came and went in five years, and I spent a little while trying to trace where I left from. Then I forgot. Then you called me one night and told me you were getting married, and for the first time in some years, I looked back and I saw where I came from.

You once loved me. Your love lasted forever.

The push and pull has not stopped. But it doesn't jolt me, it lulls. We might have been you and me once.

And what wounds time heals, what kisses time also conceals.


[Listening to: You Are My Sunshine - Norman Blake - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (4:27)]

The number 7 button on my phone hadn’t been working properly since I returned from Tioman. I had noticed earlier that there had been fine grains of sand embedded in the crevices on the phone’s plastic shell. On Saturday night, I slid the shell off with a screwdriver and wondered how almost a thimble full of fine grain Tioman sand had gotten into the innards of the phone. (It was in the Ziploc all the time, and the only time it ever came close to peril was when our kayak upended on the beach).

I took a spare toothbrush and meticulously and gently cleaned the contact points in the phone, put it back together, and being real proud of myself, launched into a long SMS conversation with you while you ate your dinner and watched your VCD. The joy of having liberated the number 7 button made me want to make many words in the messages with the letters P, Q, R and S. I was so happy I would’ve SMSd you continuously even if you didn’t reply.