Dear John...

..."I’ve been thinking about something which I thought I should let you know. I don’t know how to put it but I I’ll just say whatever I think, to clarify certain matter.

At this moment, what I have in mind is to get to know friends with no strings attached :). I’m happy that lately I have the opportunity to get to know you better. The fact that I manage to put a smile on your face and that you missed me during last weekend has given my self esteem a boast too and I have to thank you for that. Whether anything will happen beyond friendship I really don’t know, or may be I don’t wish to know at this juncture. For now I would like to enjoy the company of close friends which is hard to come by these days, here, and also get to know some whom I’ve known for years but yet still somehow don’t really know.

I hope whatever I’ve just said doesn’t mess up too many things for you.

See you tomorrow and have a safe journey"...

Buy you ice-cream?

"...Your laughter is infectious, which is probably why I enjoy making you laugh. I think you have the propensity to put everyone in a good mood. (I’ve been pretty perky the last couple of days). I must admit though, that when we were in uni, I was slightly intimidated by your quietness, and therefore didn’t make all that much of an effort to talk to you. I only wish there was more time during the trip to get to know you better".