Than that

You ask me if she's pretty

I think so

But I have seen prettier than that.

She's a little joy a little peace

And a whole lot of light

But I have seen brighter than that.

She touches me in many ways

And inspires me I don't know how

She has feelings that fly by night

She's heaven sent, she's angel like

But I have seen better than that.

She sends me to the clouds

Makes my head spin round and about

She's nature's gift, an earthly treasure

She has stories she tells, but without speaking

She drowns me with eyes that go on forever.

But I have seen deeper than that.

Her voice makes me tremble

And I die a thousand deaths and more

She's greater than I can handle

She bleeds me dry and my lips turn blue

Femme fatale or ingenue

She plays one as well as the other

But I have seen deadlier than that.

You ask me if I love her

Are you nuts or something haven't you heard everything I said or are you just deaf cos you don't seem to have been paying attention and I have been wasting my breath telling you all this even though there are a million more things about her I can think of but I can't even imagine where to begin telling you.

I have seen lovelier than that.